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Leshego Logistics was founded with the assistance of Rohlig Grindrod as part of its merging process in 2001 in consultation with the South African Transport Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) as a SME BEE initiative.
A 5 year service agreement was awarded to Leshego Logistics (Pty) Ltd and Leshego started operations with 28 staff and 11 hired vehicles.


Late 2005 owner, Mr Thomas Botha, sold his shareholding to Ilizwe Logistics trading as Empowered Couriers. The shareholders of Ilizwe Logistics were Mr. Marlon Young (54%), Mr. Tommy Molewa (23%) and Mr. William Moloi (23%). As part of this acquisition Ilizwe Logistics committed to underwriting the purchase of 9 trucks, the vehicles were acquired and co-branded in Rohlig Grindrod and Leshego colours and logo.


Leshego tendered on supplying outsourced messenger drivers to Rohlig Grindrod and Leshego was awarded this contract, Leshego purchased a further 6 vehicles to operate the document delivery service.


Marlon Young sold his shareholding in Ilizwe to Tommy Molewa and William Moloi. In turn Tommy Molewa and William Moloi sold their interest in Leshego to Marlon Young. Marlon Young’s shareholding in Leshego increased to 73% and soon thereafter Marlon Young sold 8% to Leshego’ s managers at a 50% discount to reduce his shareholding to 65% as a BEE initiative to increase the shareholding held by previously disadvantaged individuals.


Leshego Logistics has acquired additional ad-hoc work from Rohlig Grindrod; to service this additional business Leshego acquired two additional trucks.


Marlon Young sold remaining shares to Gainsworth Naidoo, during the course of the year, Gainsworth then sold 64.38% to staff and Reita Naidoo.
On the 13th of October 2014, Leshego Logistics (Pty) Ltd was successful in renewing a new five year term contract with Rohlig-Grindrod Logistics
Leshego currently has a staff compliment of 42 permanent employees and 21 vehicles; 8 owned, 10 leased & 3 financed.


The ownership of Leshego Logistics (Pty) Ltd 4,000 issued shares is as follows:

Staff                                               1600     40.00%
Reita Naidoo204051.00%
Gainsworth Naidoo3609.00%


Employment Demographics

Currently we employ 42 staff members with the following demographics:

Whites              1 Female
Asians1 Male
Africans39 Males / 1 Female

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